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  01/16/2021 05:52 AM PST
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WoW! The Experience.
WoW! The Experience.
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WOW! Welcome

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Stylish Attitudes TM Presents A WOW! Welcome

On behalf of the WOW! Event and team, it is my pleasure to officially welcome you into our online community and hope your experience is positive.

The feedback is super positive, and we will continue to build upon that energy. We’re not perfect, but working hard toward marks of excellence. Thus far, we’re happy you’re happy and are finding the site to be a creative – “Go-To” source online! Thanks team!

As you know, we launched our Empowerment Luncheon Series and will gather June 28, 2008 in Ontario, California. Many of you have already registered and we look forward to extending a special welcome at the day’s event. If you’ve not already done so, please register online. There’s a great time not to be missed in the Spirit of WOW!

Your Home.  Your Health. Your Wealth. YOU!

~Dee -

The Spirit of WOW!

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

I declare a the personal commitment to reflect, refresh, and connect to the positive. Often that critical first step is found in the essence and simplicity of an enriching and positive conversation. Lord knows, the headlines are stressful these days, but I find a sense of comfort by pausing once in a while to remember and to rise above the chaos into the thinking of God.

I make it a priority to connect to my Source. However it is for you personally, it’s important to disconnect from the drama, reflect and reset. When things get overwhelming, shake those negative energies and thoughts. Put something positive into action. Here are a few WOW! Tips:

  • Acknowledge “it is what it is” – and there are just some things about the times we – by ourselves can not change. ( …but together . . .! I’ll share my attitude about this in another blog)
  • Commit to do something you can change – even if it’s to adjust YOUR ATTITUDE, your outlook and perspective. Commit to take action to counter the way the circumstance effects you. (For example: instead of fussing about the price of gas – I’m guilty of this too! Resolve to take the bus, commuter train, carpool or here’s a novel idea: WALK somewhere for a week. I promise it’s liberating!)
  • Eat well and exercise – hate to sound like a broken record, but its true! Stress is subtle, deadly and makes your hair fall out. Eat a piece of fruit or drink an extra glass of water in the name of taking care of beautiful you. Besides, your stylist might not want to add to your stress by telling you about the bald spots that are developing.
  • Yeah, I said that, “your Stylist”. I know good and well that even though there is a credit crisis and economic crunch, it’s amazing to me how the beauty salons are full each and every week – especially Saturday. I know. I see many of you there! Confess that thing, ‘cause the truth will set you free. And free you of some of that stress you’re carrying around about it. So my financial tip in this moment of confession is to create a personal budget, so the trips to the salon are not a source of guilt or stress; or you don’t have to feel bad about leaving teenie-weenie tips or not tipping your stylist for the wonderful pampering services they provide.

And then, my personal favorite: BE STILL– even if it means you have to find a quiet corner for a well deserved ‘time out’.

My sister’s my best-best friend, so her home and the beautiful busy-ness of home-cooked meals, family and little one’s is actually a restful retreat. One day during the process of designing, and project development , coordinating contracts, the event calendar, budget projections, yada, yada, yada, and trying to figure out why the HTML coding was effecting the algorithmic calculations of the universe (yeah! my point exactly!!) . . .. I hadn’t realized how my glazed over facial look, and suspension of all bodily movement had drawn an audience of two. I looked like Trinity in the Matrix, in that classic “aerodynamic-slow-motion-freeze-framed-suspended pose of super-girl-ninja-jujitsu-did it all by herself-action”!

My nephews are four and six. Although I promise the six year old is going on fifteen.

They were very perplexed when they stumbled into my moment of suspension – in the middle of the living-room. Studying me, they finally asked, “Auntie Dee what’s wrong?” I could only muster up a drooling: “Uhhhh, Auntie Dee is on a time out.” Their little eyes of curiosity turn to abandoned resolve and then they abandon me! I guess they figure, ‘Hey, if she – the grown up is on time out – whatever she did, we really don’t want to be in the area when this thing resumes!

WOW! You moms, with little toddlers, try that one when you’re desperate for a quiet moment to yourself. Let’s talk about that as a wellness strategy later.

In the Spirit of WOW!

Your Home. Your Wealth. YOU!

~Dee -

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