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  02/25/2021 07:32 AM PST
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Geek-Girls Rise

It’s time to raise awareness and create opportunities for girls and youth in science and technology.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m glad to finally see the recent data shared by Google brought to the forefront. At issue is the need to improve efforts to outreach and connect youth of under-represented communities to educational opportunities in technology. Science, math and engineering are included in the discussion.

A “girl-geek” at heart, I’ve always advocated for change in this arena. I look forward to collaborating with groups and organizations that have an interest in moving the agenda forward to help bridge the gap, reduce barriers (perceived and real) and raise awareness for our girls and young teens.

I still believe in the power of opportunities and advocating for our kids, their future and the wonderful gifts unlocked one educational opportunity at a time. Let’s take the initiative and move their agenda forward.


~ Dee | BioMy Stylish Attitude | @DeborrahGilbert

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