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  04/23/2021 08:04 AM PST
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One Woman. One Idea. All In.

By Deborrah Gilbert | Reflections on Father’s Day | June 19, 2011

I’m always intrigued when people ask about the Moretta Economic Development Corporation, and how she got her name. There’s certain meaning and history in a name. To know it invokes the invisible North Star and guiding light I live by each day. I am proud to say that Moretta is more than a name, it is the essence of experiences, reflections of family and the legacy of ideas. It is the name that bears my fathers’ spirit of big ideas and my mothers’ guiding force. It reflects good values and ideals; the ones parents wanted for themselves, dreams for the children they love and the adults the children became.

A righteous man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children. My father, like many, has accomplished this. It’s interesting how on this day I am inspired at the start of this next great chapter; how today, on the calendar, it’s Father’s Day.

My father was a man of vision; a dreamer. He was not a rich man, but he taught his children the value of true wealth; in service, compassion, strength and courage. Yes, he taught me the value of a dollar, but also how to count the stars and dream beyond the moon. He’s no longer with us on this earth, but he was a well-respected man of honor, dedicated, an American Veteran, and he served our country well. I honor the portrait of his life. He lead with commitment and I learned well – From my dad: a respected man; my father; my friend.

I am blessed that my mother is here on this day. Full of life. Living. I’ll call her after I post this post; tell her how much I love her and appreciate all she gives to her family, her children and husband – my dad. I know she misses him. We all do. I’ll comfort her today and remind her that she bears witness to the dreams I dream and to the determination of a daughter they raised. And moms, being mom, she’ll remind me, “along the way, reflect, remember and be well, while also doing good.” That’s my Mom.

Mom is cool. She knows I’m humble; she knows my heart. She keeps the watchful eye – of the aunts, grandmothers and villages before me. I shall not go left, because she raised me right. When I think of dad and his gregarious smile, I know a wonderful woman graced his life. A woman who makes a mean peach cobbler, and always turned her house into a home.

So, yes, there is history in a name. It’s the highest offering of respect and honor by which all good things live. Moretta – Morris and Louetta. My parents, their legacy, the protectors of my dreams; the encouragers of ideas and the vision for our children.

As a man’s house is his castle, a woman’s house is her home, where their children find safety, shelter and rest.

Who Am I?

I am the daughter of dreamers.

I am the sister of my friends.

I am a friend to my community.

I am a fierce, focused finder of solutions.

I am an idea.

My dreams are big, broad and bold. She has to be. She has to work.

She reaches far and wide so that together we can protect and move the future forward.

Cultural diversity describes us.

We are America.

We sing songs.

We build bridges.

We still make things.

It’s a “Green” thing.

It’s a “WE” thing.

I don’t need the credit.

I just want it done.

I am committed. True.

What is my name?

Who am I?

One Woman.  One Idea.  All In.

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