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  04/23/2021 09:19 AM PST
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WoW! The Experience.
WoW! The Experience.
Let's do Lunch!
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High Heels. High Impact.

Fancy Feet Network Business Networking Events

Inspired. Empowered. Engaged: What does it all mean for our homes, businesses, health & wellness?


Come see what the excitement is all about! The Fancy Feet Network is more than sandals, slippers & pumps… We live, learn, earn and give back.

Join us for an engaging time, light refreshments, music entertainment and networking opportunities with local entrepreneurs and newest members to the community.

Get answers, find out whats new, meet local business professionals, discover services and products, tips, resources, strategies and more. ITS A GREAT WAY TO CONNECT BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS, FACE-TO-FACE ~ CONNECT, COLLABORATE AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

Remember to activate your FREE e-Biz page for sharing and bring plenty of business cards.   Watch the Calender of Events for dates and locations.

Dates and Locations  >  Visit the Calendar for Details

Watch for upcoming dates and locations.

Thank you to all our generous location sponsors, hosts and attendees.

Thank You Members, Sponsors and Community Partners








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