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  01/16/2021 05:25 AM PST
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WoW! The Experience.
WoW! The Experience.
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One Single Female

Rants and raves of a Single Female Head of Household.

“Inspired. Empowered. Engaged!  What does it all mean for our homes, businesses, health and communities?”

Join me in the interactive discussion around the issues that concern us most.  Thank you to everyone for the journey of a lifetime and a lifetime of insights and inspiration.  I look forward to sharing space and time with you as we lift our voices, inspire action around issues, topics and ideas that reflect who we are individually and in the dynamics of our communities.

This is evolving into more than an idea, but a unifying and clarifying moment about the things on our minds, in our hearts and … oh yeah, on our chests!

No weight scales allowed; just an opportunity to weigh-in!

Live, love and be all things well.

~  Dee

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