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Welcome! Thanks for visiting and the opportunity to introduce you to our community at StylishAttitudes.com

Mom, daughter, auntie, sister, friend; the journey of life and living. I'm delighted to share this amazing excitement through experiences, grace and adventure. I hope we grow together and share the gift of knowing each new day life is on purpose and the journey is by design.

Take a moment to learn about the offerings here. Stylish Attitudes is definitely an Attitude Adjustment ~ with a twist! Cafe conversations, fashion trends, empowerment events, career opportunities and just a fun place to network with dynamic women adventuring through life, engaged in community, caring for children and family, and mentoring the next generation of Miss Personality, Style & Poise.

Until we meet, tweet or connect, remember to dream daughters. Dream! "You're in more than an empowerment zone; This is what happens when little girls dream BIG."

My Stylish Attitude

Welcome to Stylish Attitudes where, the lady of the house is HOME.
Authentic beauty and reflections of Miss Personality, Style & Poise.  WoW! Inspired. Empowered. Engaged.  

Spring into action.  Join the Fancy Feet Network, start a SYSTER Project or just connect, collaborate and grow.

More than sandals, slippers & pumps, we live, learn, earn and give back.
Dare to dream, nurture bold ideas and express your stylish attitude!
Stylish Attitudes is WOW!  Your Home. Your Health & Wealth. Your Community.  You!

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