Tue,10/23/2018 12:13 AM PST
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Deborrah Gilbert, WoW! Expo & SYSTER Project Dir.

Dee is the Stylish Attitudes Co-Founder/CEO and National SYSTER Project Director, providing leadership for the annual womens entrepreneurship tour and local community initiatives. She is the national trainer and facilitator for a diverse, social network of professionals who serve the common good and are committed to fostering solutions for sustainable entrepreneurship and economic well-being. The SYSTER Project USA initiative (Self-Sufficiency Through Training, Education & Resources) is inspired by the true-life story of a military family daughter and curious little girl (Dee) who played with dolls, model train sets and always dreamed big. All grown up, inspired by faith and community initiatives, SYSTER conveys urgency and a call to action to introduce women to strategic partners and key resources needed to innovate and sustain the engine of economic growth: sound fiscal policies, strong financial institutions, profitable community-based businesses to stimulate local economies and job creation that reinforces savvy/confident/buying customers. Dee is passionate about inspiring young girls around the fun and power of math and science, and advocates for safety awareness and prevention of homelessness, violence and crimes against women and children. She boldly shares her message of resilience through traumatic challenges that most would use as an excuse to give up. She inspires listeners to reflect, re-engage, re-focus then Move the Future Forward! She models how to transform adversity into ideas; ideas into action and believe in the courage to succeed. Women entrepreneurs gain insight and strategies about their unique role in entrepreneurship, the creation of products and services, the overall economy, job creation and the power of a well-written business plan to ignite and guide their own entrepreneurial spirit. Dees faith motivates her to know there is grace in every challenge, painful circumstances and shattered dreams. More than a unique technology platform and Growth Zone, holds a very special place in Dees heart. It embodies decades of research, observations, lessons learned, due-diligence and a wealth of experience with all of the offerings needed for today\'s multi-cultural circle of empowered women and SYSTER Circles, to thrive as connected entrepreneurs, homeowners, change-agents, mothers, mentor-models and yes, the next generation of girl-geeks and innovative fashionistas. Ask for her elevator pitch, and shell just say: Hi! I\'m Dee. I work with people who care. Together we make SMART entrepreneurship sexy!

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