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  06/19/2024 07:22 AM PST
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About Us
  Welcome Home Media Group, LLC.  

Welcome Home Media Group, LLC is a media communications company that was established in 2006 by President and CEO Deborrah Gilbert to provide information and resources for the purposes of homeownership and economic development. The company’s products include publications that emphasize homeownership and credit education, financial literacy and entrepreneurial information, as well as women’s empowerment events and programs. Welcome Home Report Media Group, LLC offers a unique connection to aspiring homeowners, entrepreneurs and corporate decision makers through relationships with membership organizations and a mass media audience. Consumer titles include the Welcome Home Report educational television program, Credit Resource Café Newsletter, Stylish Attitudes Magazine, Women of Wealth (WoW!) Empowerment Conference, and

  Welome Home Report Educational Television Program.  

The Welcome HOME Report™ television program connects consumers, community agencies and businesses through topics surrounding homeownership education. The program premiered in August 2006 and is aired on cable television including Time Warner Cable Public Access Channels, serving viewers in major cities across the United States and it’s global audience online at

The television and online presentations of the Welcome HOME Report™  address topics that support the common goal of attaining and retaining the American dream of homeownership.  These topics include financial literacy, credit management, wealth building, industry trends and community development.  Information that is relevant, as well as credible, has become the trademark of these popular media programs.  Our website visitors and television viewing audience is a culturally diverse, multi-generational group, ranging from families of modest means to professionals and entrepreneurs. 

The Welcome HOME Report™ is well-positioned to reach viewers and website visitors through its presence on popular social websites/online communities under the established brand and trade name - Welcome HOME Report™. and are the direct links to an enthusiastic and  extended audience/visitor base of a reported three hundred million (300,000,000) registered online community members, which is growing daily!

Through community outreach efforts and programs, Welcome HOME Report™  is fueling empowerment and the American dream of homeownership, wealth building and quality of life, as well as delivering the tools and connections necessary to turn our television program viewers and website visitors' dreams and ideas into reality!   As a valued resource that reaches into the homes of our television audience, we're growing steadily, gaining momentum and attracting viewers from within and outside our targeted audience demographic.

  WELCOME HOME REPORT.COM, a community homeownership education website, is the premier online portal for information, resources, products and services. provides a safe, comfortable and familiar environment for its visitors to connect and interact with our marketing partners. Homeowners and prospective homeowners visit the site frequently in order to maximize their knowledge and understanding of homeownership, financial and wealth building principles.

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